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These General Terms and Conditions of Distance Selling (“  CGVD  ") apply to any order of products and services made online on the website .
The Customer must always first read and accept the CGVD before placing an order. Any online order will be considered an explicit and unconditional acceptance of the Natural Sports (“NS”) T&Cs.
By placing an order with NS, the Customer waives the application of its possible general conditions and acknowledges having read the CGVD of Natural Sports
  and have accepted them unconditionally. Reference by the Client to its own terms and conditions does not imply acceptance of the Client's terms and conditions by NS.

Contact details of the seller, Natural Sports:

  • Natural Sports

  • Mons

  • VAT  : BE0838790375

  • E-mail  :  (Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

The customer:

The products and services offered on the website are intended  both to natural persons acting in their capacity as a consumer (any natural person who acts for purposes which do not fall within the scope of his commercial, industrial, craft or liberal activity) or as a professional  only to legal persons (i.e. who acquire the products or services for purposes of a professional nature), hereinafter the "  Clients)  which is also referred to as "  you  " Where "  your  ".

Natural Sports is active in Belgium and only accepts orders when the delivery address is located in Belgium.
The Customer(s) who purchase(s) products or services for professional purposes expressly declare that they derogate from the provisions of Article 8 of the CGVD. The term "
  Parts  refers to both Natural Sports and the Client.


   The Parties agree that their contractual relations are exclusively governed by these CGVD.
  No product will be sold to minors under the age of 16. For minors aged 16 or over (up to the age of 18), parental authorization is strictly necessary to be able to place an order. These CGVD may be modified by Natural Sports at any time without prior warning.

   Nevertheless, current contracts remain subject to the conditions as they were applicable at the time the sale was concluded. With the confirmation of the order, the Customer receives the CGVD, in a format that he can archive or print.


    Natural Sports sells products and renders services in the field of sport.
    The items sold on the site are described and presented as carefully as possible. NS cannot, however, guarantee that certain characteristics of the products will not be modified after a certain time, in particular in order to improve their quality. Despite all the care taken, errors in the presentation of the products cannot be ruled out, in which case NS cannot be held liable under any circumstances (See article 10 relating to the liability of NS
    Likewise, the photos of products on the NS website are only indicative and do not entail, on the part of NS, any contractual obligation of any kind whatsoever. Under no circumstances can NS be held liable based on the content or presentation of product photos. Reason why it is necessary to consider the offer of products and their availability on the website of Natural Sports
      as purely indicative and contractually non-binding.
    Technical data and descriptions found in product information and NS brochures
      do not constitute data and descriptions with which the products to be delivered must contractually conform, except in the event of a prior, written and express derogation agreement from NS
    An opinion as to the uses of the product ordered is given on the basis of the "
      best efforts  ". Any information and any statement provided by NS concerning the use of its products have no impact on the Customer's exclusive responsibility to check, prior to use or consumption, the accuracy of the advice and himself carry out the checks concerning the destination of the product intended by the Customer.
    The Customer is solely responsible for the correct use of the products in accordance with the instructions for use (prescriptions), technical specifications and applicable safety standards. Natural Sports is in no way responsible for damage resulting from use or implementation that does not comply with the prescriptions. The Customer is obliged to obtain at his own expense the necessary opinions and to have the control procedures carried out at his own expense in order to verify the value of use of the products with a view to the destination of use pursued.
    When Natural Sports
      performs services for the Client, NS has an obligation of means in the context of the performance of its services.


The prices on the Natural Sports website are expressed in euros, including all taxes applicable in Belgium (VAT, Recupel, others).
The price indicated on each product sheet is the price charged for the online store.
When you place an order, the effective price for that purchase is the price in effect at the time of the order.
The prices displayed on do not include transport costs, packaging costs (delivery) or other optional additional services. These costs depend on the size and characteristics of each specific order and cannot be fixed in advance; depending on the size and weight of the order, shipping costs will vary.
During the ordering process, you will receive on the summary screen, before the validation of the purchase and the payment of the order, an overview of the total price of the products, the total costs of packaging, delivery and transport which will have been charged as well as the costs of any additional services.
The prices published on the website are the recommended prices set by our brands. These prices are not binding for the purchase of products by the Customer in the
  store  Natural Sports same and may therefore vary.
Although all prices are displayed by NS with the utmost care, material errors are always possible. Consequently, all prices on this website are therefore communicated to you subject to material errors or manifestly erroneous indication. Under no circumstances can NS be held liable for a material error relating to the price of one of its products.

NS reserves the right to apply the correct price or to unilaterally cancel an order if it appears that the price indicated and/or the description of the product(s) as well as any associated options are incorrectly indicated on the site. internet following a technical failure or human error

Natural Sports makes considerable efforts to ensure that the online offering of its product line corresponds in all respects to its actual available stocks. However, it can never be excluded in advance that products which are indicated on the website as deliverable or available are no longer in stock at the time the order is processed. NS cannot be held responsible in the event of the unavailability of one or more products in such a case.

If, at the time of processing the order, it should appear that, contrary to what is mentioned on the website, products are not or no longer in stock, NS will inform you of this without delay. In this case, NS will proceed while waiting to process the order of the products which are, for their part, indeed available. However, if you wish, you can also cancel your order in the event of partial unavailability.

If none of the products in the order placed by the Customer is in stock, the order is canceled and the Customer's account is not debited.

The products and services presented on our website do not in any way constitute an offer as such. It is not enough to order a product or service to establish the formation of the contract of sale.

It could be for example that products which are indicated on the site as deliverable or available are no longer in stock at the time the order is processed, or that NS is of the opinion that the product has been ordered by a minor. or by a professional intending to resell the products (which is prohibited).

Natural Sports will therefore only be validly committed vis-à-vis the Customer from the sending of a confirmation of acceptance by Natural Sports. If NS  decides not to confirm your order, you will be informed as soon as possible.


The order is made in several steps following a very specific "ordering process" which you will find below:

  • You select the desired products and fill your virtual shopping cart;

  • You choose the delivery method, either  : “  home  » or either in reception by you  (in Belgium);

  • You fill in your personal data  ;

  • When you decide to make the payment, a statement appears allowing you to detect and correct any imputation errors before definitively placing your order;

  • You also receive, at the end of your purchases, a very last overview ("summary screen") displaying an overview of the total price of the products, the total costs of packaging, delivery and transport as well as the costs of any additional services. , and you then have the option of definitively accepting your order;

  • You tick "  YES  », I have read these T&Cs and I agree with their content  ;

  • You then request payment. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. When you validate your payment, you agree to proceed with the purchase  ;

  • Confirmation of the order by Natural Sports. The Customer receives, by e-mail from NS, a confirmation of his order. This confirmation includes  :

    • the order number

    • the total amount paid and the method of payment  ;

    • the delivery time  ;

    • The date on which the Customer must take delivery of the order at the latest

  • On the other hand, NS reserves the right to suspend or refuse the confirmation of the order in the following cases  :

    • The products are no longer in stock at the time the order is processed  ; Where

    • NS is of the opinion that the product was ordered by a minor  ; Where

    • NS is of the opinion that the product has been ordered by a professional with the intention of reselling the products (which is prohibited)  ; Where

    • In case of fraud  ; Where

    • In the event of the Client's insolvency  ; Where

    • you are still liable to NS for debts due and payable.


      The following conditions apply to purchases made by the Customer during a Natural Sports promotional campaign:

    • The promotional code associated with the promotional campaign must be mentioned in the requested area;

    • Promotional campaigns are only accessible to natural persons acting in their capacity as consumers (see definition above)

    • Promotional campaigns are only applicable within the limits of NS's available stocks;

    • Per order, only two (2) identical or similar items can be purchased by the Customer;

    • A Customer may only use a promotional code one (1) time;

    • The discounts offered are only valid on the purchase of products and not on ancillary costs, including and not exclusively on shipping and administrative costs;

    • Promotional campaigns only apply to online purchases and not to online reservations of products available in stores.

    • Any order that does not comply with these CGVD will not be executed. Natural Sports  will inform the Customer concerned.


      When purchasing via the website, you can pay in different ways

    • if you have the products delivered  home  »: payment prior to delivery via Bancontact/Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer.

      • if you come to collect the goods from our premises (in Belgium): advance deposit of 20% of the total of your order. Payment  upon delivery via Bancontact/Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer banking application, cash.

    • In the absence of payment within this period, Natural Sports is released from any obligation vis-à-vis the Customer and may, on its own initiative, cancel the order without any costs being borne by the Customer.

    • Any delay in payment will give rise, after a first formal notice, to the debits  default interest at the legal rate. You will also be liable for a fixed penalty clause of 10%, capped at €1,250.00, calculated on the total amount outstanding in principal.

    • Unless demonstrated to the contrary, the computer records of NS  and those of our subcontractors provide proof of all transactions between NS and the Client. The communication of your debit card or credit card number and your final validation of the order demonstrate your acquiescence to it and to these CGVD. This validation takes the place of a signature.

    • An invoice can – upon express request – be sent to the Customer.

    • Payment by “B2B transfer” allowing you to pay your order on invoice with a payment period of 30 days after delivery is only available from a minimum amount of €800.00.


      8.1. DELIVERY

    • Natural Sports makes every effort to ensure that the delivery times indicated on the website are respected. The delivery times indicated begin when you receive the e-mail confirming your order. This confirmation e-mail also contains a summary of the order as well as a copy of these CGVD.

    • The delivery times apply subject to the correct collaboration on the part of the Customer with regard to the delivery.

    • In the event of force majeure and other unforeseeable and extraordinary circumstances and circumstances that are beyond the control of NS, among which are  business disruption due to fire, water damage and comparable circumstances, disruption of production facilities and machinery, delivery deadlines exceeded or deliveries interrupted by our suppliers, as well as the interruption of activity due to lack of raw materials, energy and labor, strikes, blockades, problems of having means of transport, traffic jams and government interventions, Natural Sports  is authorized to suspend delivery or service for the duration of this impediment for a reasonable period. When the delivery or the service is thus delayed by more than one (1) month, NS and the Customer have the right, without NS or the Customer being liable for any compensation for this, to terminate the contract of in writing up to the quantities concerned by the interruption of delivery.

    • NS is only obliged to deliver and perform the agreed services when the Customer fulfills his obligations correctly and on time. When the Customer fails to comply with his contractual obligations, in the event of insolvency or fraud, NS has the right to suspend the execution of the contract on its own initiative.

    • When the Customer fails to use the products ordered, to receive or take away the products ordered or causes any delay in the dispatch or delivery, NS has the right, without prejudice to its other rights, to claim compensation for the resulting costs, including the costs of on-site storage, regardless of whether NS is authorized to store the products at its own premises or at a third party's expense at the Customer's expense.

    • NS is not liable for any consequential damages due to late delivery or non-delivery attributable to the designated carrier.

    • 8.1.1. Delivery by you.

    • If you decide to collect your order from the store  (in Belgium), you will, after your order, be notified by e-mail and/or sms that it is waiting for you. Your order will be made available to you as soon as possible and in any case no later than thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the contract. You can withdraw your order on presentation of a copy of the confirmation e-mail sent to you after your online purchase and your identity card. Receipt in store takes the place of delivery.

    • The products ordered will be reserved for thirty (30) days following the sending of the confirmation e-mail. The date and the deadline (that is to say at the latest) to take delivery of the order will be communicated to you in the confirmation e-mail. If the reserved products are not or no longer in stock, Natural Sports  will notify the Customer without delay.

    • 8.1.2. Home delivery

    • If you choose home delivery, the product you have purchased will be delivered to you as soon as possible, no later than thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the contract. To this end, NS  uses an external subcontractor (carrier). This will deliver the purchased product to you on weekdays and during normal working hours.

    • The total cost of transport and delivery will be communicated to you at the end of the ordering process, but before validation and payment of the order (see article 5).

    • The products are only delivered in Belgium, to the address mentioned by the Customer when ordering (excluding a post office box). In the event of delivery to a common address, you expressly consent to NS  delivers the order to the common address as mentioned on the order form. NS cannot be held liable for the fact that the order was given not to you but to a cohabitant/acquaintance/member of your family.

    • When sending standard packages (less than 30 kg and minimum dimensions of 145 mm x 112 mm and maximum of: length: 1.50 m or width + 2 x height + 2 x length = 3 m), you will be, if you are absent at the time of delivery, informed of the carrier's visit via a delivery notice in your mailbox. You then have 14 working days to contact the carrier yourself. You can then either arrange a new appointment with the carrier or pick up your order yourself at a service point of your choice.

    • Regarding the delivery of packages other than standard packages, the carrier will contact you directly to settle the terms of delivery. If, however, you cannot be present at the agreed time, you must inform the carrier either by e-mail or by telephone. If you fail to do so, the carrier will be entitled to charge you for the costs of failing to comply with the agreed arrangement. Vis-à-vis the carrier, this clause is to be considered as a stipulation for others.


    • By way of derogation from article 1583 of the Civil Code, Natural Sports retains full ownership of the products sold and delivered until your obligations have been honored, in particular, but not only, until full payment of the price of the products ordered. .

    • The Customer is obliged to keep and manage the products subject to retention of title as a good family man until the moment when the ownership of the said products is transferred to him.

    • The Customer must oppose any claims by third parties concerning these products and must immediately inform NS  such claims.


    • Notwithstanding the retention of title clause stipulated above, the transfer of risks to the Customer takes place at the time of delivery or handover of the goods (during a home delivery  : article 8.1.2) or by you   (section 8.1.1).

    • By accepting the CGVD, you agree that the delivery of the order may be received by third parties, but at your sole risk.

    • When the Customer remains in default of receipt or payment, it is agreed that the risk of loss of the products lies with the Customer. This same rule applies when the Customer fails in another way to ensure his collaboration within the framework of the services to be provided by Natural Sports.


    • In accordance with Book VI "  Market practices and consumer protection  » of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, the Customer acting as a consumer has a right of withdrawal.

    • An e-mail with the subject  withdrawal will be sent as soon as possible to

    • Natural persons who acquire products or services for purposes of a professional nature and legal persons do not benefit from this right of withdrawal.


    • 9.1.1. Except with regard to the products listed in article 9.2, you have as a consumer, during each purchase on the website, the right to withdraw concerning the purchase made, without payment of a fine and without having to justify a reason.

    • You can exercise this right of withdrawal within thirty (30) calendar days. The period of the right of withdrawal is to be calculated:

    • For products, from the day on which you or a third party other than the carrier and designated by you takes physical possession of the product;

    • For services, from the day following the conclusion of the contract.

    • 9.1.2. In the event of exercise of this right of withdrawal, NS will reimburse you, within fourteen (14) days following the communication to NS  of the Customer's decision to withdraw, all amounts paid via the same means of payment as that used by the Customer when purchasing or ordering.

    • Natural Sports has the right to withhold reimbursement until the product is collected, or until the Customer has provided proof of shipment of the product.

    • The Customer is not authorized to withdraw after complete performance of the service if the performance of the contract has begun with the prior express agreement of the Customer, who has also acknowledged that he will lose his right of withdrawal once the contract has been fully executed by NS

    • Natural Sports will refund any money it has received for services that have not been performed at the time of exercising the right of withdrawal.

    • 9.1.3. Only undamaged products in their original packaging will be fully reimbursed by NS, subject to submission of the original proof of purchase.

    • The opening of the packaging is only authorized however it is necessary to appreciate the nature, the characteristics and the operation of the products.

    • If the conditions applicable to the implementation of the right of withdrawal are not fully satisfied, NS reserves the right  :
      to refuse the return and refund
        ; and/or to reduce the amount of the refund if the products have suffered a depreciation in value due to manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.

    • The Customer must in any case always properly store and protect the delivered products. If the Customer fails to comply with its retention obligation, NS  may refuse to exchange them or take them back (even in the event of non-compliant delivery or defects) if the products are no longer suitable for normal use following a fault attributable to the Customer.

    • 9.1.4. To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the purchase contract by means of an unambiguous statement either  :

    • by e-mail to the address  :; we will send you, as soon as possible, an acknowledgment of receipt of the withdrawal on a durable medium (an e-mail).

    • For the withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient that you send your communication relating to the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period (see above).

    • Your withdrawal decision referred to in this article must always be accompanied by the following documents:

    • the confirmation email referred to in article 5;

    • the cash receipt given or the order form sent with the order.

    • You do not have a right of withdrawal for the following product categories:

    • character products with an obvious personal character (e.g. heart rate monitor, swimsuits, underwear, etc.)  ;

    • Audio recorders, video recorders and software whose packaging you have opened or unfastened.
      9.3 IN PRACTICE

    • With regard to contracts relating to the distance selling of products, two situations must be distinguished:

    • - If the products covered by the order have not yet been shipped, the Customer may withdraw at any time and both the purchase price and the delivery costs will be fully reimbursed by Natural Sports;

    • - If the products covered by the order have already been shipped by Natural Sports, the order may be canceled within thirty (30) days of receipt of the last product included in the order.

    • In the event of your withdrawal from this contract, we will reimburse you for all payments received from you, including delivery costs (except for additional costs resulting from the fact that you have chosen, where applicable, a delivery method other than the least expensive standard delivery method offered by us) without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen (14) days from the day on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from the this contract.

    • We will make the refund using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree to a different means; in any case, this refund will not incur any costs for you.

    • We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the product(s) or until you have provided proof of shipment of the product(s), whichever date is the first of these facts.

    • When the products have already been delivered when the Customer decides to withdraw from the contract, these products must be returned by the Customer, within 14 days of the communication of his decision to withdraw from the contract,  :

    • 9.3.1.  If you make use of your possible right of withdrawal, you can return the products whose purchase you wish to withdraw to our premises.  (in Belgium) provided that the conditions applicable to the exercise of the right of withdrawal are satisfied (deadline, condition of the product, initial proof of purchase, etc.).

    • You must always present or attach a copy of the following documents:

    • the confirmation email referred to in article 5;

    • the cash receipt given or the order form sent with the order.

    • 9.3.2. Via a Bpost or Mondial Relay point

    • You can also decide to return the products via a Bpost or Mondial Relay point for the attention of Natural Sports.


    • As a customer of NS, you can exchange, on simple presentation of your receipt provided or the order form sent with the order, any product that does not meet your expectations up to 30  days after purchase.

    • This exchange right does not apply to products with an obvious personal character referred to in Article 9.2. (eg heart rate monitor, swimsuits, underwear, etc.), audio and video recorders and software whose fasteners have been undone or the packaging opened.

    • If you wish to make use of your right of exchange, you must either carefully package the item(s) you wish to exchange and return it(ies) to Natural Sports  via a Bpost or Mondial Relay point, or return this or these items.  

    • Only complete products, in perfect condition and in their original packaging can be exchanged. If these conditions are not met, the exchange is considered non-compliant and the products will not be exchanged.

    • When the Customer chooses to proceed with an exchange and the condition of the product being exchanged is approved by NS, The Customer receives a purchase voucher for a value equal to the amount purchased (to be redeemed when of a future purchase). Upon presentation of the voucher, the amount shown on the voucher will be deducted from the total price of the new purchase  :

    • If the value of the voucher is less than the total price of the new purchase, the Customer will pay the remaining balance  ;

    • If the value of the voucher is greater than the total price of the new purchase, the Customer will receive a new voucher for the balance and to be used for a future purchase.  ; WHERE
      The Customer receives a product identical to the exchanged product.


    • The responsibility of Natural Sports,  is limited exclusively to any direct damages and cannot be held liable in the event of indirect damages such as, among others, loss of profit, commercial loss, loss of data, deficits or any other form of indirect damage which was not foreseeable at the time you viewed the site or made a remote purchase.

    • NS cannot be held liable for damage inherent in the use of the Internet (cuts, viruses, etc.).

    • NS can only be held liable – regardless of the legal basis – for damage resulting from its own intentional fault or gross negligence or from the intentional fault or gross fault of its employees. Except for the foregoing, NS can in no way be held liable where its products have not been used in accordance with their intended or normal purpose.

    • When NS  has delivered a defective product causing damage to the Customer, NS's obligation to pay compensation to the Customer is limited to the equivalent of the replacement price (value) of this defective product, regardless of the extent of the damage that caused the defective delivery to the Customer. Natural Sports can in no way be held responsible for damage that goes beyond what is provided for in this paragraph.

    • No other damage is payable by NS, both with regard to the damage suffered by the Customer and that suffered by a third party.

    • The limitations of liability mentioned above do not apply when they are contrary to mandatory legal provisions or public order.

    • NS cannot under any circumstances be held liable for damage resulting from force majeure (See Article 8.1.) or from a cause beyond the control of NS

    • Natural Sports disclaimers  provided for in the preceding paragraphs also apply to the liability of its staff, its collaborators, its agents, its consultants, its representatives, its substitutes, its suppliers and its deliverers.



    • In accordance with the law of September 1, 2004 relating to the protection of consumers in the event of the sale of consumer goods, the Consumer benefits from the legal guarantee of UN  (1) year for any lack of conformity of the goods existing at the time of their delivery and which appears within a period of one  year  from this. Articles 1649bis to 1649octies inclusive of the Civil Code are applicable.

    • Natural Sports is the guarantor of this warranty obligation. The guarantee is limited to Belgian territory, i.e. in the event of delivery on the territory

    • However, the warranty does not apply if the defect is caused by improper handling, deterioration or improper use of the product by the Customer.

    • If your product fails during the warranty period of one (1)  year, you must report it  after it is found, and you must report it for examination, repair or replacement. Ideally, for this purpose, you will telephone beforehand. If the product cannot be repaired and cannot be replaced by an identical or equivalent product, it will be refunded in the form of a purchase voucher.


    • The warranty for Customers who are not consumers is governed in the same way as the warranty for consumers except that it is limited to one (1) year from the time of issue.


    • Obvious defects, to be discovered without thorough checking, incorrect deliveries and quantitative discrepancies must be reported immediately and in writing to Natural Sports.  in accordance with Article 11, including a detailed mention of the reasons, and this in any case no later than ten (10) working days after receipt of the products.

    • The Customer is personally responsible for checking whether the products delivered are free from defects, as well as for checking whether they are suitable for the desired destination.

    • Defective products must be made available to NS for examination, although NS is also authorized, if NS wishes, to examine the offending products on site at the Customer's premises. In the absence of notification of defects by the Customer within the above-mentioned deadlines, the Customer is presumed to have waived any claim in relation to a defect relating to the product delivered.

      You have a question or you wish to inform us of a possible complaint
        ? Our customer service is at your disposal.

    • Natural Sports Customer Service
      When you contact our customer service for a possible problem with your order, please always provide us with your order number and your contact details, which will allow us to process your complaint more quickly and efficiently.

    • We will do our best to let you know within five (5) business days of when you will receive a proposed solution. If there is no response from us within five (5) working days, we invite you to contact us again.


    • Natural Sports, as responsible for the processing of your personal data, undertakes to comply with the law of December 8, 1992 relating to the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data and any prescription therein. matter.
      Customers' personal data is collected and processed by Natural Sports:

    • as part of order tracking for the purposes of customer management and order management;

    • in the context of the profiling of purchases and the sending of commercial communications for marketing purposes.

    • This personal data may also be used  for the purposes of statistical studies, monitoring the quality of our service and, subject to your prior agreement, commercial prospecting (direct marketing).  

    • NS takes every precaution to preserve the security of your personal data in order, in particular, to prevent their disclosure to unauthorized third parties.

    • As such, NS implements all the necessary measures to secure its IT devices. In the event that your personal data is transferred to subcontractors (in particular for their hosting), NS ensures that the latter have a level of security that complies with the required standards.

    • Your personal data may, in particular due to the partial outsourcing of processing, be transferred outside the European Union. In this case, NS ensures that this transfer complies with the legal framework: transfer to a country providing a sufficient level of protection, signature of contractual clauses issued by the European Commission or, for a service provider established in the United States, verification of its prior membership in the  Privacy Shield  ".

    • NS can enrich, optimize and correct the personal data collected on the basis of information received from third parties. Natural Sports stores personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the personal data was collected or to comply with applicable legal requirements.

    • The contact details of former Customers may be used for a period of 1 year  taking effect at the end of the legal warranty period concerning the last product / service purchased by the Customer to inform former Customers of new products and services and promotions of NS

    • Any person can take cognizance of the personal data concerning him contained in the files of NS and request their rectification by sending for this purpose a dated and signed request, to which he attaches a copy of both sides of his identity card, to the Registered Address. Anyone can in the same way object to the use of personal data concerning them, including their electronic contact details, for marketing and market research purposes.

    • Natural Sports guarantees that your personal data cannot be used for commercial solicitation purposes without your prior consent. In the event of consented commercial solicitation, NS guarantees you the right to oppose it a posteriori.

    • NS is not responsible for the processing of Customers' personal data communicated as part of the payment transaction. These data are only processed by the payment service provider, which is required to comply with the legal provisions concerning the processing of personal data in the context of its mission. For any request or question, Customers can directly contact the Customer Service of this payment service provider.


    • The fact that Natural Sports  decides, at a given time, not to apply one of the clauses of these CGVD online or of the Legal notices that you can consult, does not in any way entail a definitive waiver of these clauses.

    • The non-validity of one of the provisions of these CGVD has no impact on the effective application of the other clauses.

    • All illustrations from Natural Sports remain the property of the brands as well as NS 


    • Any dispute arising from the contractual relationship between Natural Sports and the Customer (professional, that is to say excluding a consumer Customer) is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the judicial district of Mons.

    • Except for the mandatory application of a mandatory law to the contrary, in the event of a dispute, Natural Sports  is also authorized to seize the judge of the jurisdiction in which the registered office or the domicile of the Customer is located.

    • Belgian law is applicable to the contractual relationship between Natural Sports and the Customer.

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