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Our  brands place respect for workers and the environment at the center of their concerns.  They are ethical and eco-responsible, whether it's a T-shirt designed with recycled nylon,  bottles, tires in our suits  or a board with natural resin or for example when buying a Starboard board, a mangrove plan is planted
Each brand has its style, its universe, and its specificities that we let you discover.



A board  = 1 mangrove plant

The oceans where we practice water sports regulate the climate and are home to 99% of the biosphere, controlling weather patterns and providing oxygen for every breath we breathe.  We are delighted to see ISA participating in the effective mangrove planting program and look forward to reviewing all participant flights and emissions for the total calculation to ensure that the mangrove plantings will balance emissions.  Mangroves play a vital role in protecting the lives and property of vulnerable coastal communities from tsunamis and extreme weather conditions.  Mangroves increase seafood stocks by up to 50% and have several important characteristics that help curb climate change.

Svein Rasmussen



At O'Neill, we  let's work  in all areas to have an Eco-responsible approach and preserve our planet. We create ranges of products that respect the environment, we encourage fair working conditions among our suppliers. We believe that by working with our partners and our external stakeholders, we can together improve working conditions on the production sites. We work closely with Amfori, Modint, partners of the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT) and with the Transition Accord.




Recycled materials:
The best thing we do is create a great product, but even the best product has an impact on the environment. So we are always working to reduce this impact while providing durability and functionality.

Recycled materials:
Dakine has been using recycled PET materials for a long time. Our PET polyester fibers come from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles and are used in products ranging from backpacks to apparel.
Relations with factories:
The health and well-being of the people who make our products is essential. Our Code of Conduct Agreement and Restricted Substances List ensure that all of our factory partners take safety, the environment and employee rights as seriously as we do.

O'neill Wetsuits

"I just wanted to surf longer".
--Jack O'Neill

Our O'Neill Blue collection is a movement towards environmental responsibility.  We are committed to Blue through the use of sustainable materials that protect our oceans.  Come ride with us!

We are aware of the environmental challenges humanity faces and the impact the fashion industry has on our playground.
  That's why we work with partners who can help us reduce our environmental footprint.  By purchasing products bearing the O'Neill Blue label, you support us in our sustainable approach by extending O'Neill Blue throughout our collection.

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Culture of 'Listen and Improve'

We have continued our methodical “listen, learn and improve” approach, ensuring that new or evolved products offer real advantages over their predecessors.
Our original focus was to produce high quality, good value aftermarket masts offered in all major bend curves.  When RDM masts became popular, we expanded our range, which eventually resulted in a Unifiber offering of almost 100 different mast models.  Now there is a Unifiber mast that is suitable - in terms of diameter, bend curve characteristics and carbon content - for the requirements of almost any sail of any sail brand.  Our benchmark mast selector tool, available since 2010, is a trusted source of information on bend curves and mast/sail compatibility for the windsurfing industry.
Investment in the brand has led to the establishment of an ongoing R&D program.  We focus on the future with continued attention to product detail, high standards of customer service and clear advice that enables customers to make informed product choices.

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