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Seventy-One – Suncare developed by surfers

Seventy-One Percent was born near Biarritz, France. The brand was designed and developed by two surfer friends. It is in this context that they realize the importance of protection: to protect themselves, but also to protect the marine ecosystem and its corals, the planet more generally, since it is theirs, but also our playground. They favor mineral filters as much as possible, and, true to their convictions, develop “clean” formulas surfing on the “no-nasties” wave, products without nano-particles, silicone, paraben, phenoxyethanol, or any other petroleum derivative.

Cruelty free is obvious and made in France.

But his name, where does it come from?

We are 70% water | the planet is also made up of 70% water | 1% goes back to the planet

(each year, 1% of profits are donated to a protection association)

We are thus all 71%.

Seventy-One, these are products for everyone, men, women, young and old. These are eco-friendly packaging (mostly made from recycled plastics and paper, milk bottles!). A brand in perfect harmony with nature, in line with its human and ecological values.

Protection solaire / après soleil: Image
Protection solaire / après soleil: Nouvelle catégorie
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